Tucker’s Psychedelics Q&A

Tucker answers 40+ questions from viewers about psychedelic medicine.



In this episode, I collected as many of the questions about psychedelic medicine as I could into one post, and answered them all at once. 

If you combine the original Beginner’s Guide to Psychedelic Medicine with this, it should be MORE than enough to answer any question you have about getting started. 

Here is a list of the questions I answer in this video/podcast:

  1. How much does an underground guide cost?
  2. How long should you wait in between sessions?
  3. What do you microdose? And how to do you it?
  4. Can you microdose without a guide?
  5. What are the long term risk factors for using psychedelics, with regards to health, fitness, etc?
  6. What if I am afraid of the quality of the psychedelics that an underground guide might use?
  7. Are there psychedelics I can take while still on SSRIs or other anti-depressants?
  8. Are psychedelics addictive? Do I need to worry about getting hooked on them?
  9. I’ve done MDMA many times in a party setting, will it be different if I do it in a guided, medicinal setting?
  10. Can bipolar people safely do psychedelic medicine?
  11. Can psychedelic medicine help me change certain behaviors, like impulsivity, compulsive behaviors, OCD, ADHD, etc?
  12. Does psychedelic medicine help you heal from autoimmune issues and other chronic illness?
  13. I saw what you said about the different medicines, but I still don’t know which one to do. How can I decide?
  14. If I have addiction issues, which psychedelic should I use?
  15. How can I guide myself through a psychedelic healing session if I have to do that?
  16. Can my friend and I guide each other in psychedelic sessions?
  17. Do you do psychedelic medicine in group sessions, like with other people around doing it as well?
  18. What exactly happens when you take MDMA? What does it feel like? What happens in the brain?
  19. I want to do psychedelics, but I am afraid of doing something illegal. Should I wait for these to become legal?
  20. Even if I do everything like you say, what can go wrong if I do psychedelic medicine?
  21. What types of traumas can psychedelics treat effectively?
  22. How destabilizing is the period between MDMA sessions?
  23. Is there value in psychedelic medicine for those who do not have any trauma to work through?
  24. How do I know if I’ve experienced trauma?
    1. Life Trauma and Human trauma
  25. What do you say to someone who is afraid of losing their issues? In essence, that by getting rid of the traumas and neuroses, they will lose a part of themselves? Like the quote, “If my devils are to leave me, I am afraid my angels will take flight as well.
  26. Should I be worried about my drive and ambition disappearing if I do MDMA therapy?
  27. Is there a specific type of therapist I should look for to help me with integration?
  28. Can your therapist also be your guide?
  29. How does psychedelic medicine compare to just doing traditional talk therapy?
  30. Do you still feel heavy shame or negative emotions when tough memories come up? Does MDMA treatment help alleviate these emotions?
  31. I’ve done two sessions and I feel like things are worse. After doing MDMA and psilocybin. How can you tell you’re actually making progress?
  32. What if my psychologist is not in favor of me doing psychedelics?
  33. How do I find a good therapist and what do I look for?
  34. Are talk therapists trained in helping psychedelic integration?
  35. What if I choose to do psychedelics, but my partner won’t do them, or doesn’t want me to do them? What could happen?
  36. You said you have your wife in your sessions with you and the guide. Can you explain why you do that?
  37. I have kids and a job and a lot to do. Is it realistic to do this therapy while also upholding work and family responsibilities?
  38. What’s the end game. Is there a point where you don’t need therapy anymore? Can you actually heal all of your trauma? Do you eventually get to a place you don’t need the medicine, where you are healed? How do you know when you are done?
  39. Any advice on how to identify and feel my emotions?
  40. Have you had a bad experience with psychedelics?
  41. I know you took a lot from your first few MDMA sessions, do you think it would have been the same had you done them before you did your years of talk therapy? I’m wondering if I should do a lot of talk therapy before I do psychedelics?

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