Tucker Max Experiences Podcast

Tucker Max discusses his experiences going from a legendary and reckless partier to a husband, father of four, and Texas rancher.

Recent Episodes

When Your Relationships Don’t Grow The Way You Do

“What do you do when the most important people in your life don’t see what you see or grow the way you are growing?”

That is one of the hardest questions I have faced in the past, and still face today. In this episode, I walk you through how I deal with this issue in my life.


My Entire Self-Defense System

In this episode, Tucker describes everything he’s done to develop his self-defense system, including who he learns from, what skill he practices and how, and how to figure out your own self-defense system.


How to Carry a Concealed Weapon (with Jeff Gonzales)

Tucker sits down with Jeff Gonzales to discuss all things related to carrying a concealed handgun. Jeff, a former Navy Seal and long-time firearms instructor, walks Tucker through everything he has to think about; which gun to use, what holster to use, what else to carry besides a gun, and much more.