How to Carry a Concealed Weapon (with Jeff Gonzales)

Tucker sits down with Jeff Gonzales to discuss all things related to carrying a concealed handgun. Jeff, a former Navy Seal and long-time firearms instructor, walks Tucker through everything he has to think about; which gun to use, what holster to use, what else to carry besides a gun, and much more.

Carrying a concealed weapon is no joke, learn how do it the right way...

When I decided to get serious about self-defense, obviously I thought about carrying a concealed weapon–specifically a gun. 

But everything I was learning about carrying a concealed weapon was confusing to me at first. 

How do I pick a holster, what knife and why, what else do I need to carry, etc? 

Well, little did I know that a guy I was already training BJJ with was one of the best concealed carry experts in the world: Jeff Gonzales. 

Jeff Gonzales helped build the “low-vis” program for the Navy Seals (when he was one), and now trains civilians on all aspects of carrying concealed weapons. 

So I sat down with him and went deep into this world to get all my questions answered. He gives great advice on things like: 

  • What guns are best used for concealment, specifically which caliber of pistol.
  • What holsters are best for concealment.
  • What kind of knives he prefers, and why.
  • What kind of belts to use to hold up your holster and guns.
  • Why the magazine capacity determines what gun you carry, and what capacity is optimal.
  • How to think about concealment.
  • How much you need to worry about actually hiding your gun and knives.
  • Lots of other things about concealment.

You can learn more about Jeff Gonzales here, and if you get the chance to train with him, I would highly recommend it.

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