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Tucker Max discusses his experiences going from a legendary and reckless partier to a husband, father of four, and Texas rancher.

Recent Episodes

Lessons Learned, 136-140

Lesson Learned #136 I’ve learned to not argue with people. Conflict seekers are anxious and unhappy and looking to push their emotions onto me (or…

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Lessons I’ve Learned, 126-130

Lesson I’ve Learned #126 A relationship that cannot tolerate a thoughtful conversation about needs, disappointments, and desires is not a healthy relationship. ‍ Lesson I’ve…

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Lessons I’ve Learned, 31-40

Lesson I’ve Learned #31: People say they want the truth, but only about others. For themselves, they want flattery. (h/t Carl Jung) Note: exceptions exist,…

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Lessons I’ve Learned, 21-30

Lesson I’ve Learned #21:  I was taught the Feynman Learning Technique in college, it’s worked my whole life: 1. Pick a topic that’s interesting. 2.…

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Lessons I’ve Learned, 11-20

Lesson I’ve Learned #11:  Writing a (non-fiction) book is a process that forces you to clearly understand and then explain that which you think you…

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Lessons I’ve Learned, 1-10

Lesson I’ve Learned #1:  “Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over ferociously between those who want us to know more and be…

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