How to Defend Yourself Against Violence with Tim Larkin

Tim Larkin is one of the most influential trainers in self-defense, and in this episode, he walks Tucker through how to think about violence and defense.

The essential mindset for self-defense...

The honest truth is I never really paid much attention to violence. I thought I was safe. I thought I didn’t need to worry about that stuff. 

It might have been true, pre-2020. It’s not true anymore. 

Once I realized I had to get very serious about self-defense, that means truly understanding violence. 

And there is no one who knows violence better than Tim Larkin.

Tim Larkin has been a friend of mine for years, and I always loved hanging out with him because he’s a great and real dude. 

But it wasn’t until recently I really got him to sit down and explain violence to me, not just as an interesting thing to know, but as a concept I needed to understand to survive. 

In this interview, Tim helps us understand some really important concepts: 
  • Understanding why you train, and why the answer to that question is so important. 
  • How violence is different than fighting.
  • Why the distinction between violence and fighting is VERY important to learning self-defense.
  • What violence is, really, and why its important for everyone to understand.
  • What is the first question to ask yourself once you get serious about self-defense, and why its so important.
  • What is means to think violently, as opposed to normally.
  • When to start thinking in terms of violence.
  • What it actually feels like to inflict violence on another person, and why you need to train this.
  • What most people get wrong when they begin training for self defense.
  • The many different roles of fear in learning and applying violence.
  • The most important concept you must know and consider when you commit to training to use violence (I struggled with this MIGHTILY).

If you are interested in learning more from Tim, I highly recommend his YouTube channel, or his book, When Violence Is The Answer. It has like 1700 reviews on Amazon, its amazing. 

He also runs classes on his system all around the country, which are great. 

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