Lessons I've Learned, 131-135

July 26, 2020
Lessons Learned

Lesson Learned #131

Telling someone else how I think they should feel about something does not work.

Listening to how they feel and attempting to understand their emotions and perspective can work.

Lesson Learned #132

Every conflict in my life has been co-created.

This is true even when it feels like the other person is 100% at fault.

When I look honestly, I find responsibility I didn't own, boundaries I didn't hold, or emotions of mine that I blamed on others.

Lesson I've Learned #133

I'm starting to believe most (if not all) violence comes from people tricking themselves into believing their pain derives from other people.

They then use that self-trickery to convince themselves those other people deserve to be punished.

Lesson Learned #134

Any activity I think about in terms of "should" is either shame/guilt based, not something I want to do, or both.

Seeing this and shifting my activities to things I want to do drastically improved my energy and emotions.

h/t Dan Sullivan

Lesson I've Learned #135

A key lesson in my life is seeing that the things I judge in others are in fact the parts of myself I reject.

Once I saw that in myself, I was able to recognize it other places.

I can tell what a person hates in themself by what they judge in others.

The point of sharing these lessons is to help others on their journey. If you know someone who could benefit from a lesson, please forward this blog post to them.

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