Lessons I've Learned, 126-130

July 12, 2020
Lessons Learned

Lesson I've Learned #126

A relationship that cannot tolerate a thoughtful conversation about needs, disappointments, and desires is not a healthy relationship.

Lesson I've Learned #127

The only toxic relationship I can have is with myself. Every other relationship in my life is simply a reflection of the relationship I have with myself.

Once I really got this, I had to make many changes.

Lesson I've Learned #128

Every person I've ever met who said they were "trying to make things better" for other people, but did not have their own life in order, ended up making everything worse for everyone--including themselves.

Lesson I've Learned #129

The more insecure the ego, the less it can tolerate differences.

Fundamentalists and militant groups are created by deep insecurity and fear, and a need to distance themselves from the otherness that lies within each of us.

h/t James Hollis

Lesson I've Learned #130

When I'm anxious, or depressed, or suffering, I've found it's a sign I'm refusing to see or accept a truth.

Usually it's a clear truth that I don't want to be true.

When I accept that truth, it hurts momentarily, and then the suffering goes away.

The point of sharing these lessons is to help others on their journey. If you know someone who could benefit from a lesson, please forward this blog post to them.

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